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Marie is a 2004 graduate of Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA. She is board certified and licensed in the state of Massachusetts. She combines treatment sessions with client self-care education designed to reduce or eliminate chronic muscle tension and promote health and wellbeing.

Depending on the client’s need, Marie uses different modalities in her treatment sessions; relaxation massage, deep tissue work, myofascial therapy and sports massage. She also offers hot stone massage and on-site corporate chair massage. She is certified in pre- and perinatal massage and has studied oncology massage with Tracy Walton.


Marie holds a certification in Myofascial Therapy from the Core Institute, and she has volunteered at the Boston Marathon providing post-event massage. Marie also holds a degree in Human Resources from Uppsala University, Sweden. She has held different positions in the bank and insurance industry
in Sweden for ten years prior to her massage career.

Through therapeutic massage, Marie is committed to make a healthy
difference in the lives of people she touches.

Testimonials from Clients

Marie's approach to therapeutic massage, which emphasizes a partnership is designed to help clients maximize their unique goals be it relaxation, stress relief or targeted therapeutic body work is ideal. She has focused on my individual physical issues and shown great intuitive skill;
she has definitely kept me feeling healthy and energized.
The combination of instructive dialog and an understanding of the value of relaxation in a beautiful, serene space have worked wonders!

Lynn E.

I went to Marie for treatment of stress and muscle tension. I've been seeing her for about six months now, and I don't feel stressed out or have muscle tension anymore! Marie is professional, respectful, and attentive. Marie makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience. I highly recommend the hot stone massage. When the massage is done it feels like I'm floating!
Carl B.

Marie Dahlén Keane, LMT

I really look forward to seeing Marie come into the office for the chair massages. She's a great listener and zeroes in on my problem areas. In a short time, she offers relaxation and compassion: a great break from a stressful work day.
Evelyn D. 

Our employees sit at their desks all day, so we decided to add chair massage as a benefit to our employee program. They enjoy and appreciate it and look forward to having Marie come in every other week
Mimi E.

I have been seeing Marie for many years now. Her skilled hands find muscles with stored tension, and melt the tension away. Therapeutic deep massage with Marie is an essential component in my stress management plan.
Richard K. 

I travel a lot, push my (aging) body beyond its limits playing sports, and invariably pay the price in spasms, sprains and prostration. So for me, massage is not a luxury, it's a necessity. Whether I'm fatigued, injured or recovering from surgery, Marie is always a consummate professional: responsive, present and resourceful.

I've been getting therapeutic massage for over 30 years across multiple continents and cultures, and I find Marie to
be among the best- of- the- best. She brings a unique combination of insight, compassion and competence that
is unsurpassed in my experience. I feel privileged to be
one of her clients.

Thomas R.

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