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Therapeutic massage can alleviate tension in your muscles, relieve stress and anxiety, and reduce muscle soreness in your body. Massage may also boost your immune system through stimulating the lymphatic system. A massage therapy session often include different types of massage and techniques.




In a general relaxation massage the strokes are long and gliding. It also uses kneading and tapping techniques. The pressure is usually firm but gentle. It eases muscle aches and creates a sense of wellbeing.



Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layer of the muscle tissue. Adhesions can cause chronic pain and tension, limit circulation and cause inflammation.
With deep tissue massage the goal is to break up the adhesions to relieve pain and increase movement. Deep tissue massage doesn't mean that it is painful
or a hard touch.


The word myofascia refers to the bundled together, inseparable nature of the muscle tissue (myo) and the accompanying web of connective tissue (fascia). The fascia spreads throughout the body in a three-dimensional web from head to foot without interruption. The myofascial therapy is designed to improve the structural balance and alignment potential. It is done slowly without or with a modest amount of lubricant.



Athletes who use massage to prepare for or recover from intense training and workout may benefit from increased flexibility and decreased soreness. With massage therapy you can reduce the likelihood of injury by keeping the body's tissue in a healthy condition. Assisted stretching is often part of this therapy.




During a hot stone massage, smooth basalt stones are placed on your body and also used in the therapists hands. The stones can be used in a relaxation massage or in a more focused treatment session. The hot stones help relax the muscles and give a soothing and deep sense of relaxation.



Pregnancy is a time of major structural, physiological and psychological changes. Some of these changes produce discomfort and concerns which can be addressed with appropriate Massage Therapy. Possible Benefits of Massage Therapy during pregnancy are: stress reduction, pain relief, increased blood and lymph circulation, increased relaxation, emotional support and physical nurturing.

During the postpartum period, the massage therapist can facilitate returning the body to its pre-pregnancy state, to alleviate pain, and to bring about a renewed sense of body and self.



Create a more peaceful and healthy work environment with corporate chair massage. Help your employees manage their daily stress and in return get more loyal and productive employees.

On-site chair massage is not only used in the work place, but also at company events, sports events, and appreciation days. A chair massage session is done fully clothed with no lubricant. A session is typically 15 minutes and focuses on back, neck, shoulders and arms.



For people who live with cancer or in recovery, massage therapy can ease pain, relieve  anxiety, and reduce depression. It can also reduce side-effects of cancer treatment, such as nausea and fatigue. Massage can be relaxing and comforting in a stressful time.


Massage and Muscular Therapy        
45 min $ 85

60 min $100

75 min $115
90 min $130

Hot Stone Massage                
60 min $120
90 min $140
* All prices are based on payment at the time of service.

”Buy five sessions and get the sixth free”
5+1 free 60 minutes sessions $ 500
5+1 free 90 minutes sessions $ 650

Gift Certificates
Give the gift of relaxation and wellness in any amount of your choice.

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